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Basically, if your goal is to make disciples, then it follows that people need to feel they are growing in their faith. Is maturation actually taking place, or are people just busy at church? Surveying some 35, Anglicans in the Sydney area, Mayrick found that people who reported that they were growing in their faith were…. When you have an effective gospel ministry, you can expect to see these behaviors among your churchgoers. They should factor in your profile of a mature Christian. Now these are correlatives, not causes.

That makes them useful metrics you can use to get an idea of the spiritual state of your church. However, they are not determinative. That is, people were more likely to have these behaviors because their faith was growing, not vice versa. So the goal is not to get people to share their faith more or put more in the offering plate remember the warning from earlier?

The goal is to cultivate their maturation as Christians. But the question remains: What is the key to making disciples like this? Where does all this begin?

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How do we make mature Christians who share their faith, invite others to church, and give? What is the key driver? Resources abound that can help your church succeed in its mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ. However, it lies at the heart of an effective gospel ministry. In short, the key driver to effective gospel ministry is leaders who are growing personally in their faith. This may strike you as eye-rollingly obvious, but that last phrase is critical. While we happen to have many church leaders with gospel-grounded ministries who work day in and day out for their flocks and their communities, church leaders who report personal growth are becoming a rarity.

He reminds us that this is a correlation, not a causation. However, an 83 percentile is very high. According to his survey, half of all pastors pray weekly. Church leaders are overworked and burnt out, yet seldom sit under the Word of God in the posture of a disciple. The key driver to a growing church is leaders who are growing in their faith. If a pastor would desire this from his flock, then he must demand it from himself. Church growth and discipleship are multifaceted challenges.

Every faithful, gospel-centered minister of a growing congregation is doing things in addition to reading his Bible and praying. And as has been mentioned, small groups are a critical part of your ministry that most likely deserve more of your thought and attention.

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For more on church growth and intentional ministry planning, download the free ebook, Vision, Mission, and Purpose, today! Blake Adams is an editor for the Pushpay blog and former educator. He lives with his wife in Seattle, WA. You can follow him on his blog, Tarrypin.

The Book of Acts Links Jesus' Life and Ministry to the Life of the Early Church

What Is Effective Gospel Ministry? What is its purpose? How do you find out? Surveying some 35, Anglicans in the Sydney area, Mayrick found that people who reported that they were growing in their faith were… 4 times more likely to look for opportunities to share their faith with others. Blake Adams. Editor at Pushpay. This author does not have any more posts. Yet, we have religious freedom and can be minister of the gospel to people without fear of government persecution.

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Divorced and married again since November I have two grown-up children and my wife has three. My life change started in June of and my relationship with my Creator started in August of when I was a young blaspheming, cursing sailor in the S. I used to follow my own multi-religious philosophy everybody serves the same god. I tried Buddism, TM and traditional Churchianity. I was hitch-hiking to a friend and a man stopped and picked me up. He introduced himself in a very friendly manner.

I thought he was gay and wanted to molest me. I was unsure of my salvation. I tried to explain that I used to go to church and so on, but it was not a satisfying answer for him.

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  • With all my being I longed to know Him. He then continued to visit me for a few weeks, but I asked him to not come anymore as I started to doubt. Yet, I bought four Bibles shortly after that. As I read and started understanding the Wrath of God and the Judgment that is coming, I just started becoming more and more depressed and fearful to the point that I did not even want to cross the road!

    Re-Centering Student Ministry Around the Gospel

    One night in August , I was woken by a dark cloud that jumped on me and started choking me. I could not breathe; it was shaking me and slamming my head against the wall. I tried to scream, but not a sound.

    I realized that I had to pray. I am so sorry that I did not believe in your Holy Spirit, yet I believed in spirits. I am so sorry that I disregarded Your Son and what He has done for a lost world. I accept Jesus as my Owner and Saviour…. The deliverance will be a sign that You truly saved me. Well, by the end of that day I realized I had a brand new vocabulary and I could remember Scriptures from my younger years in Sunday School. Since then the desire to bring the GOOD NEWS has burned in my being and I have preached, taught, evangelized, led Home Cells, played in Church Bands, created gospel tracts, written hundreds of letters, prayed for the sick, counselled drunks, drug-addicts and sex-workers, encouraged people to go into ministry, ministered to those in ministry, and for four years been pastoring a home based church of about people.

    Since I have been translating Scripture from Aramaic to Afrikaans and scaled down to leading a Home Cell of about people. Our Home Fellowship had to break up due to everybody and us moving all over the world to different towns and countries!

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    We have seen a need amongst the rural people of the area we live in at present. A need for proper Scripture based teaching.

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    Powerful deliverance is needed for the poverty stricken, drug-abusive, alcohol-enslaved people of South Africa. There is a tendency amongst our local preachers to want to use their church as a money-making scheme…we disagree aggressively. There is great poverty due to unemployment. So, we even try to help people by employing some and paying them a weekly small income to be able to put food on their tables for their families.