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Jo Mackenzie needs a new start and jumps at the chance to take over her grandmother's wool shop in a small seaside town. But it's not going to be easy with two young sons to cope with, an A-list actress moving into the local mansion and a knitting group addicted to cake. Stitch and Bitch! Gil McNeil's funny and uplifting novel turns prejudices and assumptions upside down, telling it how it really is in the world of knit-one, purl-one.

Somehow I think this is going to be a very long day. How did they get onto llamas? Which is the Babies. He spits at Jack in a llama-like fashion, and Jack shrieks and spits back. They ignore me and start shoving each other. None at all. If I nip in quick with a competitive moment I might be in with a chance.

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Dear God. George, our chief removal man, comes into the kitchen and looks at my cup of tea suspiciously. I could wash this one and we can take turns, if you like?

This just gets better and better. This is my best friend; I sound like a ten-year-old.

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She gives him another Big Smile and hands him a twenty-pound note, and he makes a faint choking noise. And you get a wider selection there, my wife likes those frapping things; I could get you one of those, if you like.

The lady wants a coffee. George is walking towards the front door muttering Skinny extra shot banana when Bomber steps forward.

Well, thanks for letting me know. They were always the ones to watch, Ellen and Nick, right from when we all first met on the BBC training course. They both had that slight shimmer on camera which natural television presenters always have. Rather than the slightly glazed look that was all the rest of us could manage when we were doing our studio training; I even managed to develop a mystery stutter, and fell right off my chair during one particularly tricky session.

But I was much better on the production side, and by the end of the course I could edit a piece better than both of them put together, and we ended up getting the top three marks on the course.

Divas Don't Knit

Although that all seems like a very long time ago now; like another life entirely. I was still pottering in the kitchen tidying up and thinking about us having to move abroad for the new job, and whether it would be Johannesburg or Jerusalem, which both felt quite scary, or Moscow, which would just feel freezing, when Nick came back down from storytime. A whole fucking year. And he was so controlled and professional, right up until I threw the milk jug at him.

But God it was worth it, even though it was me who had to crawl around afterwards sweeping all the bits up. And then he got furious and said I was being hysterical, and I said if he thought this was hysteria he was in for a big surprise, and if he thought he was going to be shuttling my lovely boys halfway round the world he could think again, and he stormed off in a huff saying I was being totally unreasonable, slamming the front door so hard one of the pictures in the hall fell off the wall.

I was still picking up bits of glass when Ellen turned up, in full studio make-up and clutching a bottle of champagne ready to celebrate the new job. And then she just took over, especially in the first few days when everything went foggy.

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She was completely stellar. Mum and Dad came over from Italy and tried to be helpful but pretty much just got in the way, like they usually do, with Mum wanting special attention all the time and Dad looking for jobs to do round the house and drilling holes in things, and my brother Vin came home and took care of the boys and helped me cope with Mum and Dad. Not that I did much coping.

The only thing I really seemed to be able to do was sleep.

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For hours. It was like I was half unconscious, deep heavy numb sleep that left me more tired when I woke up. He sits down immediately, and crosses his arms and legs like he does at school when they sit on the mat for storytime. How perfect. Now we can all dodge potato pellets for the rest of the day. In either case, the textured knit stitch on the body results in a timeless, completely modern, and versatile look.

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