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The task is not only to explore Halley, but also to settle there, equip it with engines to give the comet a nudge in order to make it settle into a new orbit, ready for harvesting on its next passage through the inner solar system 76 years later. Cryogenics will help the crew to live through the duration of this mammoth project. Difficulties encountered are the politics back on Earth, where radical environmentalism has become fashionable, politics which carry over to the expedition too, and the fact that it is composed of people Earth is very happy to see leave for various reasons.

A ship of misfits, so to speak. The going gets really tough when the colonists encounter what looks like native comet life, both from the political repercussions of the discovery and a very unpolitical struggle for survival. Heart of the Comet is about the adaptability of the human species, about genetic engineering, symbiosis, and the next step in human evolution.

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  5. If you find these aspects of particular interest, you probably want to check out the Transformation Stories List. The book also touches the subject of artifical intelligence and virtual reality.

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    The era of space exploration triggered significant advances in our understanding of comets. Jim Zimbelman , a planetary geologist at the Air and Space Museum, examines how a new explosion of insights expanded and deepened our earlier knowledge of these ancient wanderers through space—which are now seen as frozen remnants from the formation of the solar system. Skip to main content. Enter some words or an event code to find.

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