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Expocentre, Pavilion 3 14, Krasnopresnenskaya nab. Everything was spot on, the location, the organisation, the people, the parties - all! A great event! A really good event, one of the best in my opinion. Moreover, it has the best parties and post-conference gatherings". For general inquiry please contact us at welcome wnconf.

Tickets Attendees. Archive Speaker Submission. DAY 1 16 October. Add to calendar. Game World Observer's goal is to equip developers, publishers, studio managers, and industry-savvy enthusiasts with timely business insights so that you always stay on top of things. In his presentation, Oleg Nesterenko will break down the latest trends in the video games industry by key markets and segments and share market insights.

Short form video is a global trend and TikTok is leading the trend globally. Work with TikTok to acquire users and win the mobile game marketing globally. China is the global leading mobile market. Bytedance, as the parent company of TikTok, has multiple platforms to reach more than 1B active users.

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Win China market, together with Bytedance. Hypercasual game development requires dedication, hard work and constant creativity - but the rewards for success can be huge. This means that at one time, each team will test multiple games per month. This talk will give an insight into how we engender an environment of constant excitement and invention, with a prototype approach that keeps our teams doing their best work. At Facebook, we have the pleasure of working with mobile gaming companies around the world and have been proud partners on s of successful game launches.

Don't Limit Your Users. Cooking Diary Case. Every year, it presents us with many surprises in the form of unexpected hypes or new business strategies. Using metrics for the sake of using metrics is not effective, and also very boring. Sergey Melkom, VP of Customer Success, will provide a global overview of holistic strategies that drive your monetization revenue.

Happy Hour by Adikteev. Mobvista Welcome Speech.

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How to make a successful gaming campaign in China and how to attract more gaming users to interact with your brand? Ocean Engine, an integrated digital marketing solutions provider, will give you answers. Age of Magic China has the strongest geo on iOS. Around 1,, installs helped to reach 51 in Top Grossing China.

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In the UA campaigns, Playkot faced the difference in user behaviour at this market. How did the company change the strategy for the market. What is the difference between user activity in China and USA. How to use this difference for better performance? Networking and Food. Join us at the official party by Unreal Engine! All kinds of drinks, buffet dinner, live music band and a nice quiet terrace for networking will be awaiting.

For Premium Pass holders only. Speakers and Topics to Be Announced. Today VK is the largest social network in Russia. More than 70 million users use our platform monthly for communication, work and entertainment.

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With the current functionality, we satisfy almost all the daily needs of users. Since our appearance on the Russian market, we have actively supported and developed the gaming platform and are trying to create all the necessary infrastructure for this category. What tools should be used to develop your brand and find new users? What targeting settings and which promotion strategy will be optimal? The whole market is moving towards media-buying automatization. As such, the only difference between advertisers is creatives. In this session, we will disclose our internal creative process and answer the following questions: How to come up with creative ideas, test creatives based on these ideas, and how to acquire paying users on Facebook while outperforming your competitors.

This session will be presented with our client and be based on a follow-up case study. The selection process of new release products is a critical aspect for a company. Playgendary Chief Creative Officer Alexander Filatov will share how to choose the correct prototype for release on the example of Polysphere.

Evgeny will talk about some difficulties that developers may face on the platform OK. RU, about success stories and statistics of earnings for some projects. The session will be helpful for business owners founders who are looking for additional funding or strategic partnerships. Legal Issues and Game Developers. Video games have evolved into a mainstream form of entertainment.

Video games companies are regarded as world leaders and leave the movie industry far behind in terms of revenue. There is a large number of tax incentives available right now, but the question is how to take advantage of them? How to optimize your finances? How to arrange your company structure, not to miss out on certain benefits?

Which country offers the best value for IT companies? What are the pitfalls?


Speakers will share their experience in this field. Google UAC is a powerful, but closed tool for attracting new players. Unfortunately, there are a few options that help to adjust UAC and ad campaigns are often unpredictable. The talk is about how to take control of campaigns, how to correctly use conversions and how AI can help to raise the number of conversions. Premium brand ad campaigns are the 'holy grail' for mobile gaming publishers.

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They pay well, and they boost retention by delivering familiar brands that your users love. What's more, they don't steal your players like the performance campaigns that often come from the biggest gaming studios. So, how can you effectively identify and attract premium brands to advertise with your games?

Ogury has delivered premium brands ads for publishers since In this session, Head of Publisher Development, Romain Escaich, will talk you through the five key considerations for working successfully with premium brands, including: - Understanding the 'buyer journey' that brands take when booking campaigns. How to Reach a Mass Audience. And so you have a game, what seems to be a solid finalized project and basically doomed for success. All core metrics are great all around and inside out. The gameplay is solid as a rock and the addictiveness is simply close to that of coffee.