Manual Tantra: Path of Ecstasy

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At times I felt down right wary of many of these practices as it seems that dabbling is worse than not doing at all!

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I have heard stories of people frying their nervous system through pranayama and various practices undertaken without a proper teacher. Oral traditions, ritual, and preconditions for studentship are included.

Some discussion on Spanda is included here which I found useful. Unfortunately these, and not all the other areas of Tantra such as mantra and meditation, are the ones that the West find so tantalizing. Actually- in India it seems that it was a bit of a problem too….

Tantra: The Path of Ecstasy

There is also a listing of the levels of bliss, seven in all, which I had never encountered before. I highly recommend this book to Anusara students or teachers that have a deep interest in what informs many of our teachings.

I caution you though that going through an Immersion at least once and some background on philosophy, would make this book not only more useful but more enjoyable. I know that I will be using it as a reference book for many years to come and I would like to actually read it a few more times as I am sure that many layers were not revealed upon my first reading.

I am sure those of you out there with a far more in-depth study of Tantra may have some issues with the authors perspective but I am too naive to challenge his assumptions as of now. Thank you Brenda. I found the articles very useful.

ISBN 10: 157062304X

I hope others follow your link and read more as well. I am reading this at the moment also, I particularly enjoyed chapters 6,7 and 8.

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Gift Wrapping:. In this it is similar to the word yoga. Historically the Hindu Tantras describe an age of material and spiritual abundance, where through yoga practices envy, lust and selfishness have disappeared.